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Who or what is CISM

Founded in 1949, CISM is a voluntary federation of national music associations of brass, drum and bugle corps as well as pipe bands. At present, the 10 voting member associations represent approx. 12 000 music societies with close to 1 million active musicians. CISM is a member of UNESCO. 

CISM's core mission is to preserve, foster and promote music culture; to represent the common interests of its international members vis-à-vis government and society; to promote music education and training; and to organise international (youth) exchanges.

In addition, CISM endeavours to expand and consolidate the European network, to continue as well as further develop on-going projects and to introduce new music initiatives.

On-going projects include:  Composition competitions; (inter)national music festivals; knowledge sharing regarding events, e.g. music camps and concerts serving as model projects; supporting exchanges between orchestras and ensembles;  providing information about and advice on youth work; organisation of symposiums for member associations; organisation of conferences for conductors and youth leaders; organisation of competitions for brass, drum and bugle corps as well as pipe bands; compiling music catalogues; cataloguing experts (jurors, speakers, instructors); and indexing of European brass band Archives.

Cornerstones of CISM’s work are awarding the European Competition for Bohemian-Moravian Music, the International Competition for Youth Wind Orchestra in Schladming, jury training held in German and French in Trossingen and relationship management within the network.

The current Executive Board is composed of President Valentin Bischof (Switzerland), Vice President and Committee Head "PR and Communications" Andrea Romiti (Italy), Committee Head "Music" Heiko Schulze (Germany) and Committee Head "Finance" Daniel Leskovic (Slovenia).

The Executive Board is supported by the project leaders for i) the International Competition for Youth Wind Orchestra, Prof. Johann Mösenbichler (Austria) ii) the European Competition for Bohemian-Moravian Music, Gottfried Reisegger (Austria) and iii) the international jury training conducted in German and French, Isabelle Ruf-Weber and Blaise Héritier (Switzerland).

CISM will continue to be guided by its motto „Europe united in brass and windband music“.

News form CISM

With a slight delay, however, with all the greater gratitude for the long-standing earned work at international level with CISM and at national level with the French Music Association CMF, Jean-Jacques Brodbeck has been awarded with the International Music Association’s Cross of Honour. With this award was honored a personality who has dedicated himself to every fiber of his essence to music and especially to wind music. Thirty years of executive and presidential office at the Confédération Musicale de France CMF and seven years of presidency of the International Music Federation CISM reflect the great commitment of Jean Jacques Brodbeck to music. For this he deserves the thanks of all musicians from all over Europe. May the brass music bring to him many years of joy and satisfaction.

Continuing formation for Jures for windband - Trossingen - 25. März 2019 - 17. Mai 2020

Continuing formation for Jures for windband - Bundeszentraler Berufsbegleitender Lehrgang - Trossingen - 25 mars 2019 – 17 mai 2020 On-line: Other information: BBL_Zertifizierung-Juror-innen Bewerbung zum BBL Zertifizierung Juror*innen: Bewerbung more »

International Conductor’s Competition - Osnabrück - Deutsches Musikfest 2019 - 30.05.2019 - 02.06.2019

International Conductor’s Competition Results- Osnabrück - Deutsches Musikfest 2019 -30.05.2019 - 02.06.2019 You can find the results of International Conductor's Competition at following... more »

2020 International CISM Youth Championship in Schladming postponed until 2021

Due to the current global problems with the Covid-19 virus, the Mid Europe organizing committee has decided with a heavy heart to cancel Mid Europe 2020 from 14th to 19th July and postpone it until 2021. The participation of the numerous international orchestras and musicians is currently not... more »

20th European Championship of Bohamian Moravian Music in Nussdorf/Deband - Results

The 20th European Championship of Bohamian-Moravian Music will take place in Nussdorf-Debant / Austria from 30th May to 2nd June 2019. Here you can find the results and the ranking More information can be found at  more »

21th European Championship of Bohamian-Moravian Music in Übersaxen im Vorarlberg (A)

The 21th European Championship of Bohamian-Moravian Music will take place in Übersaxen im Vorarlberg (A) from 28th to 30th May 2021.  More information can be found at  more »

2020 - CISM Convention of Delegates in Ljubljana /Krsko

In accordance with the new Statute, the General Assembly will take place every two years. The Slovenian Wind and Brass Band Association has kindly accepted to organise the next assembly. It won't be only be a business event but would offer an opportunity to hold a round table to discussion on the... more »